How To Kill Grain Beetles



Grain beetles get their names for their preference of grain-based foods. This insect is very small (1/10 of an inch) and has a slender, flat body. It is usually tan-brown in color and is very frequently confused with the saw-toothed beetle. They can be distinguished however, for not having saw-tooth projections in the thorax. Further, the saw-toothed species doesn’t like damp environments while grain beetles positively thrive in humid conditions. They are also often confused with flies or gnats for being such skilled fliers.

Traits & Characteristics

Foreign grain beetles are most often found in temperate and tropical regions where the environment is damp and warm. The reason they like damp areas so much is that their primary food source is mold and fungus. They are most commonly spotted near leaks. behind walls, under bathrooms where mold is growing, or in the basement where damp conditions permit mold to thrive.

Females usually deposit eggs during the mating season in batches of up to 12 eggs. It takes several weeks from the larvae to reach adulthood, but if allowed to breed, this pest can quickly become a veritable infestation. Should you ever have to deal with these pests, this might be your scenario: initially, you may find only one at a time crawling about in your house. If allowed they will start searching and will find the damp spots of your house and feed on the mold they encounter. If you have grains stored anywhere in your house, chances are they will also find it and throw a party. 

How To Kill Grain Beetles

The first step in dealing with these pests is to eliminate moisture from your home. Start by finding the leaks in your home that are allowing mold to grow. Fix these leaks so that no amount of water or steam is allowed to escape.

Next, purchase a dehumidifier and place it near your trouble areas. The air will grow dryer and in time the mildew will die off, cutting off your pest’s main food source.

Insecticide is also an effective option, though discouraged.

If nothing else is working, purchase a strong chemical solution and spray your beetles until they are visibly wet. You may have to do this for several days until they are all killed off. Remember that you will always have the option of calling pest control professional to take care of the issue should it escalate into an infestation.

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